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If you could wave a magic wand today, what would your coaching business look like in 2013?

Do you remember how you felt when you found your first coaching client? How excited you were? How optimistic you felt?

You’d hit the easy street – here was a way to get paid for pursuing your passions! To make a living helping other people!

But then, of course, you stumbled – almost all new coaches do. Money got tight, you started doubting your judgment, and the old things that used to work for you didn’t seem to make a dent anymore. Before you knew it, it just wasn’t that much fun anymore

But imagine for a second what your business would look like if you hadn’t hit that wall, if it had just kept getting better and better…

Your Perfect Business Is Out There Somewhere

It’s making a little more money every month. New clients are coming out of the woodwork and banging on the door. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s immensely fulfilling work.

There’s just one catch…

…it belongs to someone else

Somebody out there has your perfect business.

Somebody has your perfect life.

Somebody is out there serving your market, and making your money, and having your fun because they had the same idea as you did, but they worked a little bit harder on a few more of the right things.

Never mind that you know more, or are a better match, or could do it better somehow.

None of that matters if you don’t have the right plan, and enough support to help you follow through on it.

But the good news is…

It’s Not Your Fault

Nobody teaches you in school how to run a successful coaching business.

And none of your competitors are just going to “open the kimono” and tell you what works and what doesn’t so that you can waltz right in and take over.

And none of your friends or family have got the framework you need to break out of that baseline level and turn your coaching hobby into a professional operation.

In fact, most of their traditional business advice simply doesn’t apply to a pursuit that’s so personal, and so tied to your passion.

No, the only people who can show you the way to successful coaching…are other coaches who’ve come before.

mentorshipBut wait…you said other coaches weren’t going to help me?

No, I said your competitors aren’t going to help you.

But there’s a long tradition in the coaching business of success people circling back to help those who are just getting started.

In fact, we understand better than anyone else in the world the trials and tribulations that starting this kind of business can bring.



Before working with Cheryl I was having trouble getting a clear vision of who my ideal client would be and what my plan of action would be to make it all happen. Cheryl helped me design my own VIP Program to offer my clients. Now that I have these strategies in order and my own attractive program to offer my clients I plan on 2013 being a very prosperous year for me, my clients and my business. I feel that this is the best investment I could have made for myself and my business. Cheryl is very intuitive and knows how to help you take your business where you want to go.



My business was struggling both in finding my target market, and the appearance/composition of my website. With Cheryl’s assistance, I have a vision forward in the creation of my website, along with a focused plan on how to approach my target market. Working with Cheryl has shown me a number of directions that I will take my business (no one ever said this would be easy) and really has given me a path to the top- or wherever I want to take it. I feel empowered and in control of both my destiny and my business. For anyone thinking of working with Cheryl – it will improve every facet of your online marketing and website strategy.


Jennifer PEEK

My day with Cheryl was energizing and really got me out of my comfort zone. I knew I had been going right to the edge of where I needed to be, and Cheryl busted through that. I have already signed one private client and have two more that will be starting in September. I also have a full list of products that I am developing to fill out my sales funnel and a marketing calendar of ideas. If you’re considering working with Cheryl, I say do it and do it NOW. What you need is someone like Cheryl who gets into the nitty gritty details and pulls out your biggest business vision. My day with her has shaved at least SIX MONTHS off
of my learning curve and provided the focused direction I

The young mom who
can pull a coaching business out of thin air…

If you don’t know by now, my name’s Cheryl Heppard.

I’m a coach, and a wife, and a mom from Michigan.

I’m just like any other person you might know…but in the past few years alone, I’ve accomplished a number of things that most people couldn’t achieve in a lifetime.

I built a six-figure health coaching business here in Detroit, helping other people get their bodies and their health back on track.

I’ve been featured countless times of TV and radio.

And then I built a SECOND six-figure coaching business helping other health coaches master the marketing systems that had made me so successful.

Now I’m on track to do it again, helping larger businesses leverage the marketing lessons my team and I have learned. We’re well on our way to hit six figures again.

You don’t start three successful businesses by accident…

One, sure. Two, maybe. But not three.

I was able to found three successful businesses in a row because there’s a repeatable process that can guarantee coaching success.

The first time is complicated, yes – there’s a lot to learn, and a lot of personal problems to work through – but the next two businesses were simple.

A lot of hard work, still, but…simple.

I’ve spent almost 10 years researching coaching strategies, marketing tactics, sales, and client acquisition, to name a few. I’ve tested and tweaked hundreds of different ideas.

And what I’ve got to show for it is a highly advanced coaching system that allows you to strategically plan out the success of your business before you even get started.

It’s the system  I’ve used for years to help my students build their ideal businesses.

It’s the system that has served as the backbone of my coaching accomplishments, it’s what I’ve used to help my students build their ideal businesses, and I’m hoping it will do the same for you.

That’s why I’m starting 2013 off with my Enlighten Mastermind Program.

For the first time ever, I’m going to hold your hand through the whole journey of building a successful coaching business.

It’s going to be a six-month coaching intensive where I’ll walk you step by step through the process I’ve perfect to build coaching businesses that effortlessly attract clients, pay you handsomely to follow your passions, and can give you a life of blissful personal freedom.

And I’m offering all of that to you – six months of my personal attention!

I’m handing you the keys to the kingdom for a tiny fraction of the amount of money I made my first year as a coach – not to mention what I spent back in the day when I was learning the best way to run this kind of business!

You’ll be learning from a successful coach, three times over, the secrets that let me build three businesses in less time than it takes most people to build one.

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A closer look at what we’ll cover…

1 Monthly Content Call

Every month I’ll pull the whole group together for a training session on what you need to cover that month. I’ll give you an overview of what we’ll be focused on for the next few weeks, the part it played in building my businesses, practical examples of how each task is done, and how you should implement it in your business.

Value: $1000

1 Monthly Mastermind Call

We’ll also be getting together every month in small groups to support one another. Mastermind groups have been instrumental to my success, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that experience with all of you. You know the old saying that two heads are better than one? Well how about 6-10 heads working together to solve your most pressing business problems? You’ll learn from their successes, you’ll learn from their mistakes, and you’ll discover the real power of your personal knowledge as you grow into your expertise helping fellow students. Just as they’ve helped you.

This might be the most special module of the program.

Value: $6000

1 90 minute call with me

This will be your chance to really get the goods – got a secret plan you don’t want to share with the group? Now’s the time. Feel like you’ve fallen behind? Here’s your chance to catch up. Need more information on a specific aspect of the plan? This is the call where you get it. Have an embarrassing admission you need to work through? That’s fine too.

This is your opportunity to get the high-touch, personalized information you need to breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back.

Value: $2000

Yearlong access to ListSpikeClub.com

To make absolutely sure that you have every tool you need to build a super-successful coaching business, every person who joins the intensive is going to get access to my high-end ListSpikeClub.

It’s my personal repository for all the best worksheets, guides, and reference manuals you could hope for to expand your skills, plan your marketing ventures, organize your business and increase your abilities.

Value: $2000

1 free ticket to my exclusive Spring Training Event in April

Everyone who signs up for this special coaching intensive will receive a free ticket to my ListSpike Spring Training Conference this April. Our ListSpike Bootcamp event this fall was one of the proudest moments of my coaching career, as we watched student after student rise to the next level right in front of our eyes. In-person events are without a doubt the fastest way to make progress in your career, and come with the added bonus of building invaluable personal networks as well. This event will be no different, and if you sign up for the Enlighten Mastermind Program, you’ll get a special discount on our next event as well.

Value: $1000

Membership to our private Facebook support group

This is a new twist on an old idea and it’s paid dividends already for my other students. Everyone who signs up for the Enlighten Mastermind Program will get access to my secret Facebook group, so we can support each others’ businesses 24 hours a day, in real time. Facebook has become the most powerful social platform in the world, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using it to build your business.

Imagine how much more you would accomplish this year if every visit to Facebook improved your business and moved you closer to your goals, instead of distracting you and moving you further away from it.

Value: Infinite

2 Day Retreat & Mastermind

The first week of March, we will meet in a luxurious, boutique ocean front hotel in Ft. Lauderdale for a two day retreat to plan, collaborate, coach, and focus on your business. You’ll get one-on-one coaching from me and your colleagues.

The setting is one of luxury, calm, abundance and peace. You aren’t just building an abundant business, you’re also stepping into a lifestyle. This gorgeous setting and location is the perfect atmosphere for helping you create, up level, believe and envision.

***Please Note*** Transportation and hotel accommodations are not included in the program. Mastermind members are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses. A healthy, gourmet lunch will be provided each day.

Value: $15000

Over $27,000 in coaching training, resources, mentoring, and MORE. But the investment isn’t anywhere NEAR that much.


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This isn’t for everyone. But what’s your future worth to you?

resourcesIf you had all the money in the world, what would you pay me for a business that kicks out six figures a year for some coaching calls? What would a lifestyle of joyful, fulfilling work be worth to you? What would you give up for one year to build a business that will support you the rest of your life?

The Bottom Line: This Enlighten Mastermind Program might be the most powerful training program I’ve ever put together. By tapping into the unique knowledge that has let me build three six-figure coaching businesses in just a bit over three years, we’ll train you to turn your passion project into a self-sustaining coaching practice. I’ve already worked with thousands of people worldwide and I would be so proud to make you my next success story. Sign up today, and start making massive leaps in your coaching career – for your finances, for your family, and for future.

communityDon’t take my word for it – look what other people are saying



Finding one word to express my excitement after working with Cheryl was difficult. Most words seemed to understate my experience, but Funtabulous sums it! It feels as though we are business partners striving for the same outcomes. Together we pulled more things together for the future of my business than I even expected. I knew Cheryl was great, as evidenced by her own achievements, but it was validated 100 fold during my session. It was worth every penny spent. Our next move is getting my website up & running which will ensure a constant flow of prosperity & abundance! Thank
you Cheryl for everything, you’re the BEST!



Before connecting with Cheryl, I was floundering with which direction to take my business. I was feeling very stuck. Working with Cheryl opened up my mind and eyes. She is such an insightful and creative person, and at the time, I thought I really lacked. Cheryl helped me to hone in on my new 90 day program and set up a VIP day with my clients. By the end of the day with her, my mind was going in circles, but not from overwhelm, it was full of ideas. I appreciate Cheryl for who she is and her honest commitment to my success as a health coach. Thanks Cheryl!



Working with Cheryl was incredible. She is so knowledgeable in her field that she provided me with a wealth of information to allow me to jump-start my business. The knowledge accrued is definitely going to change my business. I have very detailed steps to accomplish and most of all believe that I can achieve them—which is huge. If you are considering working with Cheryl, I would say sign up as fast as possible—the longer you wait, the longer it will take to get your business to soar. And, one other little bit of information—working with Cheryl is fun and so is she! She is so down to
earth and straight forward that you’ll be amazed at how
the time will fly.



Before I worked with Cheryl, I wasn’t sure how to take my business to the next level. Now I have a plan and ideas of what to do next and things to implement that will propel me forward! It was a lot of information that I needed to guide me in the right direction and Cheryl is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of guidance. Thanks Cheryl for a wonderful, enlightening day!



Before working with Cheryl I had so many pans on the fire that I didn’t know how to put them all together for one meal! I spent a lot of time just putting out the fires. After working with Cheryl I finally have a blueprint to follow! Cheryl and her expertise have made all the difference in my business succeeding. I highly recommend working with Cheryl. Remember the definition of insanity, “Keep doing the same things, expecting different results” Cheryl helped me get off my broken wheel and on to one that works!

Can’t wait to work together this spring!

Here’s to you and your success!


PS: This isn’t going to last long – I need a small group to make this successful, and my last event sold out in no time. I’m not saying that to pressure you, but if you’re interested, don’t waste any time – you won’t want to miss this class. Sign up now.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, but don’t risk losing your spot!

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